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What the Hemp Deep Moisture Mask

What the Hemp Deep Moisture Mask

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Does your hair need some love? We formulated this nutrient-rich replenishing mask with bamboo extract, oat proteins, quinoa, and more to help revive, strengthen, and smooth fragile ends and dehydrated hair. 

  Why you need it:

• helps build strength and suppleness.

• infused with bamboo extract for a natural and sustainable source of silica.

• quinoa and oat proteins work to repair, strengthen, and smooth fragile ends

usage: apply generously to clean, damp hair, ensuring even application. Leave on hair for 20-30 minutes. For extra absorption, wrap hair in a shower cap or warm towel. Read a book, listen to your favorite music, or reflect while you wait. Rinse clean and style with oyin hair dew daily leave-in lotion plus your Growth Cocktail.

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